Publish your newsletter on your own platform!

I get it. You want to write and own your independent publishing platform.

I can help you move away from Substack to your own platform.

No fuzz, no cruft. Write your newsletter without limits or extra fees, and scale your personal monopoly. 

Why own your platform?

The are many benefits to own your platform, to name a few:

How does this works?

You need to take back control of your publishing platform.

The process is usually as follows:

  1. You pay for the migration service.
  2. You receive an email from me to start the process.
  3.  I will setup everything on your platform.
  4. I will import free and paid subscribers.
  5. You will start writing again.

You might be asking, is that it?

The answer is, not exactly, but that’s my job, to make the experience hassle-free for you and your audience.

Your new platform will use open-source software called Ghost. 

Ghost is an alternative to replace Substack.

Why Ghost?

Ghost is an all-in-one publishing platform for a content creator like you.

It has all the features your newsletter needs like a kick-ass editor, memberships, subscription, and stripe integration out of the box!

For optimal delivery of transactional and bulk email, Ghost is tightly integrated with Mailgun.

What's included?

Custom Domain setup.

VPS setup on Digital Ocean.

SSL certificate setup.

Ghost v3 setup.

Memberships and Subscription setup.

Mailgun setup.

Theme installation.

Migration of susbcribers from Sustack to your new platform.

Training to use your new platform.

What's not included?

I will help you set up everything but there are some things that you would be responsible for:

– Buying the domain. 

– Pay for the VPS monthly subscription to host your newsletter. I’ll give you a $100 credit using an affiliate link. 

– Pay for the Mailgun subscription service which costs $0.80/1,000 emails.

– Buying a theme for your newsletter. I could also develop a personalized theme for an extra fee.

Why work with me?

I’m a good communicator, authentic, self-starter, pragmatic, and I enjoy helping content creators publishing on their own platform..

I’m a problem solver. I tackle every obstacle we might find with the right mindset.

These are some reasons you might find compelling to work with me:

Fixed price

I charge per migration. 


Expect constant and timely communication from me about the project. 

Your audience matters

I care about your audience! I want to know about the members of your audience.

Deliver results

I focus on delivering high-quality results on the schedule we agreed.


Is this for you?

This is a service for people who loves to write and makes a living out of it. 

Your audience is growing and needs a new space where you can control your business and platform.

You got paid members. 

You might be a non-technical person who rather outsourced this type of work, so you can focus on your business.

You understand the value of owning your platform and growing your personal monopoly on your terms.

Ready to move away from Substack?


One time

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  • This is not an automated system and each site is created personally and manually. Please allow 48 hours before your site is set up and everything is migrated.

Kind words from my clients

Building a bespoke membership website requires more than making things look pretty or writing clean code. I take your goals seriously, I dig deeper into your audience,  ensuring you get a platform you’re happy with

Para que una página de membresías nos funcione como debe, todos los detalles técnicos deben estar configurados apropiadamente. Ese fue el trabajo de Jonathan en el sitio web de T-NICE. Theo tenía un porcentaje de errores grotesco, de 89% en sus transacciones. Con el nuevo sistema instalado, ese margen de error es inferior al 1%.
Nuestro padrino web @jonathanenlared es un duro, cuando está apretada la cosa él la resuelve en un 2×3. ¿Recomendado? RECOMENDADÍSIMO. Si se quieren lanzar al mundo de las membresías más allá del Italo y el Country Club, Jonathan es el que tal
¡Cerebrollo tiene web! Y ahí debo dejarle todo el crédito a @jonathanenlared que fue el canal para tener hosting, un WordPress y todo eso que yo no entiendo😂, infinitas gracias Jonathan.
Jonathan Martínez es un crack. Además de ser la persona con la que trabajo cada vez que tengo que hacer un cambio en la web, es un gran profesional del copy. Conoce el porqué de todo lo que hace y de esa forma orienta sus servicios a ser lo más efectivos posible.

Got questions?

If you’re still doubting about filling the form maybe this frequently asked question might help you decide.

No, I don’t.  I charge per migration a i fixed price. 

Yes, I do. I offer on-going maintenance in case you need it. 

You will pay %100 upfront for this service.

Short answer: No, I don’t.

Long answer: If I’m unable to complete the project for any reason beyond my control and yours, I would refund the parts I did not complete.  

Ghost for your publishing platform,  Stripe for the suscriptions, and Mailgun for sending emails..

Hollywood, FL. The sunny state!

I work with clients from all over the world, including USA, Spain, Portugal and Latam.

English and Spanish.

Let's get started today!

You found the trustworthy freelancer you were looking for. Head back to the form, fill in the details, and move your newsletter away from Substack!