WordPress membership site development, and support services for content creators.

WordPress theme development

Match your brand and design with a theme that works for you.

Go from design to a customized theme that fits your membership site and audience needs. 

Get a fast, extensible, and secure theme. 


WordPress plugin development

You don’t have to settle for what is available right now. 

I can code plugins for your membership to enhance the functionality and potential of your website.



I’m a good communicator, authentic, self-starter, pragmatic, and I love working on membership sites.

If you’re thinking about jumping into the membership site ship but you’re not ready to commit to the development yet, you could always count on me to point you in the right direction through consultancy and project discovery.

I can help you define your goals, bring clarity to the table, and answer all those questions you might have. 

Membership re-platform

Does re-platform sound fancy?

It just a way to say moving from your current CMS/Membership platform to your own using WordPress.

If you started your membership site using a third-party provider, a custom CMS or any other platform other than WordPress I could help you migrate everything to your own platform. 

API Integrations

Your membership site doesn’t have to be an island. 

Connect to any third-party APIs to help you grow your audience and business. 

If there is API, there is a way!

Migrate away
from Substack

I can help you move away from Substack to your own platform.

No fuzz, no cruft. Write your newsletter without limits or extra fees, and scale your personal monopoly. 

Learn more about migrating from Substack

Ready to jump-start your membership site?

Tell me about the project. I’ll reply within 24 hours. 

Kind words from my clients

Building a bespoke membership website requires more than making things look pretty or writing clean code. I take your goals seriously, I dig deeper into your audience,  ensuring you get a platform you’re happy with

Every technical aspect has to be set up for a membership site to work properly. This was the job Jonathan had. T-NICE had an awful amount of transactions failing all the time, almost 90%. With the new system, it was reduced to less than 1%..
Jose avatar
Jose Miguel
Our dot-com godfather @jonathanenlared is the man, every time we face any problem he sorts it out quickly and efficiently. Do we recommend him? Absolutely. If you want to jump into the membership site world, Jonathan is the go-to developer.
vainas cooltas avatar
Vainas Cooltas
Cerebrollo has a website! And I give all the credit to @jonathanelared who was the person in charge of the hosting, WordPress, and all those things I don't fully understand. Thank you, Jonathan.
cerebrollo avatar
Marli Heredia
Jonathan Martínez is incredible. He is the person I work with every time I had to make a change to my website, also he is a great copywriting professional. He knows the why of everything he does and his services are a reflection of that.
copymelo avatar
Carmelo Beltran

Got questions?

If you’re still doubting about filling the form maybe this frequently asked question might help you decide.

No, I don’t.  I charge based on the project goals.

Yes, for sure. Any custom development you might need, I can take care of it. 

Yes, I do.  At the end of the project, we can discuss how I can continue to support your business.

For every website project, the payment is usually split into 3 parts: 30% deposit to book your slot, 35% at the start of the project, and 35% at the end of the project.

I split bigger projects into multiple stages.You pay 100% upfront for the current stage that we’re working on.

Short answer: No, I don’t.

Long answer: If I’m unable to complete the project for any reason beyond my control and yours, I would refund the parts I did not complete.  

I use WordPress for most membership sites and Ghost for newsletter subscriptions. 

Hollywood, FL. The sunny state!

I work with clients from all over the world, including USA, Spain, Portugal and Latam.

English and Spanish.

Let's get started today!

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